Tom Whalley

Head Producer

Tom Whalley is a multi-award-winning producer based in the North West of England. He is the long standing producer of The Huey Show on BBC 6Music and has been in the industry for the best part of two decades. He also produces a host of podcasts, including The Cycling Podcast, Mark Kermode’s ‘Kermode On Film’, and The Wire: Stripped. As a producer at one of the UK’s biggest podcast networks, Stakhanov, Tom also oversees production on four shows on the Football Ramble Daily feed.

Tom doesn’t just feature behind the glass, he also presents his own strand for The Cycling Podcast. Service Course is a monthly show about cycling kit and technology. Tom also pops up from time to time on The Cycling Podcast’s Explore series

Over the course of his career Tom has won a series of high profile accolades, including Gold and Silver at the Audio Production Awards, a Sony Gold award, and has been nominated three times at the British Podcast Awards (as part of The Cycling Podcast).

When he is not working Tom is an active bike racer representing the High Peak Cycles Race Team, although having a toddler at home has probably forced him into retirement. Tom loves cats.

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