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Simple Politics

SIMPLE POLITICS PODCAST Simple Politics does things differently. We exist to help you have better conversations about the issues and the changes that matter. We do so by being clear, accurate and impartial. Also, light-hearted, engaging and occasionally (but not as often as we think) amusing. It’s not just about understanding the facts and the topics themselves, but also looking at why different people hold the opinions they do. Those with whom you disagree aren’t monsters. Understanding and respect are at the core of everything we do. Our core offering will always be free. Unfortunately giving things away for free isn’t a great business model. We’ve never been business people. But. We do need to make this work. We do so through our amazing supporters who keep us going by buying stuff in our shop and making monthly donations. This podcast has been Produced by Stripped Media and edited by Ben Williams. Go to website
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First Film Club

Stripped Media & Cycling WeeklyFIRST FILM CLUB Welcome to the FIRST FILM CLUB Podcast. Produced by Natalie Louise, and hosted by critic and author Hanna Flint, both founders of the FIRST FILM CLUB, this podcast is dedicated to filmmakers, casts and crew members talking about the first films they ever made. It is a companion project to the FIRST FILM CLUB event series that celebrates directorial debuts. We screen a debut short film from an emerging director alongside the feature debut of an established director followed by a Q&A with both filmmakers to discuss their craft, their inspiration and what the future holds. Past live show guests have included Mike Leigh’s “Bleak Moments” with Florence Roach-Keith’s “A Family Affair”, Amma Asante’s “A Way of Life” with Tracy Kyriango’s “Colour Blind” and Gurinder Chadha’s “Bhaji on the Beach” with Toby Fell-Holden’s “Balcony.”
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Stripped Media & Cycling WeeklyFASTER with DR HUTCH In Faster, former national cycling champion Michael Hutchinson (aka Dr Hutch) looks at what makes a fast bike rider, and what it's like to be one. He talks to some of the best athletes in the world, as well as coaches, sports scientists and engineers, about the physical and mental challenges, the equipment and the training, and above all about the relentless pursuit of speed.
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Amon Warmann, Hanna Flint, and Clarisse LoughreyFADE TO BLACK Fade To Black is a weekly film culture podcast co-hosted by film critics Hanna Flint (@hannaflint), Clarisse Loughrey (@clarisselou) and Amon Warmann (@amonwarmann). It takes a deep dive into the latest movie news, hot cinema takes and reviews the best new releases all in one place. It also gives listeners a chance to hear from some of the brightest stars of cinema through exclusive interviews with major talent. The podcast champions inclusivity by covering a broad spectrum of film and culture topics so that listeners can discover a diverse range of movies to seek out.
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Helen O’Hara & Stripped MediaWOMEN VS HOLLYWOOD Hosted by film journalist Helen O’Hara, Women Vs Hollywood discusses the challenges that women face in the film industry. With the help of a fascinating roster of filmmakers, actors and experts, Helen delves into the real problems faced by women in film. Based on her critically-acclaimed non-fiction book Women Vs Hollywood: The Fall And Rise Of Women In Film (a Radio 4 Book Of The Week in 2021) O’Hara and guests  examine how far sexism in Hollywood goes - and how to change the picture.
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Seneca's Conversations on Power and PurposeEQUAL TOO: ACHIEVING DISABILITY EQUALITY Equal Too was a six-part series that explored many aspects of equality through the lens of sports and the Paralympics. Part of ‘Seneca’s Conversations on Power and Purpose’, Stripped Media were production partners alongside Harder Than You Think (Emmy Award winning Rising Phoenix) and P&G Studios.   Starting with the legacy of the Paralympic movement, Equal Too explored important topics like the rights of disabled people, what needs to be done to create more equal opportunities and how we can all help achieve a more equal world. Notable guests include RJ Mitte, Jameela Jamil, Clare Balding, Ellie Cole and many more!
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by Kate Leaver & Stripped MediaWHO'S A GOOD DOG Host Kate Leaver is joined by her favourite living creature, Battersea rescue Shih tzu, Bert. He is compensated for his editorial work in cheese. She asks her guests endearingly specific questions about their dogs, like the most expensive thing they’ve ever destroyed, where they sleep at night and whether they’ve ever done anything noble, embarrassing or hilarious. Also: how they’ve changed lives, what effect they have on our mental health and whether they play family members off each other to get double dinners. A spectrum of silly and poignant topics.
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THE WIRE: STRIPPED The Wire: Stripped is where Stripped Media began. [Produced by Tom(?),] and hosted by Kobi and Dave, this podcast recaps every episode of HBO’s cult TV show The Wire. With interviews from cast and crew, and analysis and reactions from celebrity fans. THE LOVE OF CINEMA WEBSITE
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Helen O’Hara & Stripped MediaBAH HUMBUG: A CHRISTMAS MOVIE PODCAST WITH HELEN O’HARA If you have tinsel on the brain and mulled wine in your blood, this is the podcast for you! We’re living in a golden age of delightfully cheesy Christmas movies. On Bah Humbug, host Helen O’Hara and a rotating cast of film experts and guests examine the biggest new offerings this season, as well as looking back at classic seasonal favourites. Think Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles 2, Dolly Parton in Christmas On The Square and Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season. A (mostly) affectionate look at the snowiest, coziest, Scroogiest, Santa-iest films of all. LISTEN ON ACAST
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The Love Of Cinema

Picturehouse CinemasThe Love Of Cinema In partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas and hosted by Picturehouse’s Sam Clements, The Love Of Cinema is a film podcast that goes deep on the best of the week’s new releases - with a little help from some quality film critics, plenty of special guests, and you, the audience! THE LOVE OF CINEMA WEBSITE
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TEA WITH TWIGGY This podcast was started during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020, at a time where people around the world connected and became closer with friends and family even though they could not physically meet. The same is true of Dame Twiggy who reconnected with her friends for a cup of tea and a chat!    Tea with Twiggy is an intimate weekly chat with Twiggy and special guests including Joanna Lumley, Lynda La Plante, Elaine Paige, Gyles Brandreth, Christopher Biggins, and David Threlfall, Robert Lindsay, Myleene Klass and more! TWIGGY'S WEBSITE
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90 Minutes or Less Film Fest

90 Minutes or Less Film Fest We’re curating a fictional film festival that will accept almost anything - but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes!   The 90 Minutes or Less Film Fest is run by husband and wife team, host Sam Clements and producer Louise Owen, (with help from Luke Smith). Each episode Sam is joined by a special guest who selects a movie to join our prestigious lineup.   This is a space for people to share their love of the shorter films and build up our own go-to list of titles that fit the criteria. 90 Min Film Fest
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