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HIS DARKER MATERIALS Delve deeper into the BBC and HBO series His Dark Materials  with the Spotify Exclusive companion podcast His Darker Materials. Hosted by Dave Corkery (daemon: squirrel) and Helen O’Hara (Empire Film, daemon: raven) it features guests like Clarke Peters (Master of Jordan College himself, daemon: Pegasus) and exclusive cast, crew and expert interviews. #WhatsYourDaemon #HisDarkerMaterials EPISODE I: LYRA’S JORDAN Dave and Helen are joined in-studio with featured guest Clarke Peters (Dr Carne, Master of Jordan College) to point their amber spyglass at episode 1 – “Lyra’s Jordan”. EPISODE II: THE IDEA OF THE NORTH Dave and Helen [...]
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SONG BY SONG Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay have set themselves a goal: to  listen to the entire back catalogue of Tom Waits from beginning to end, and devoting each episode to discussing one track. Both Martin and Sam are huge Waits fans, and each brings his own perspective on song-writing, as well as their own preferences in terms of Waits’s varied musical styles. Song Website
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90 Minutes or Less Film Fest

90 Minutes or Less Film Fest We’re curating a fictional film festival that will accept almost anything - but the movie must not be longer than 90 minutes!   The 90 Minutes or Less Film Fest is run by husband and wife team, host Sam Clements and producer Louise Owen, (with help from Luke Smith). Each episode Sam is joined by a special guest who selects a movie to join our prestigious lineup.   This is a space for people to share their love of the shorter films and build up our own go-to list of titles that fit the [...]
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